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"Excellent job — best small/midcap publication!"
Robert Kalish, MD, New York, NY

"I like the all or nothing ratings, meaning Upside recommends a stock, and when the company's performance fails to deliver, Upside is quick to alert readers to drop the stock."
Ronnie Barrilleaux, Thibodaux, LA

"Upside enables an older person with a modest total account value to trade on a regular basis."
Bryce Boothby, St. Joseph, MI

"The best publication of this type…"
James Bergschneider, LaGrange, IL

"I have made several gains with this newsletter in the short period of my current subscription. It has outperformed every other investment newsletter that I have ever taken. Twice weekly hotlines are very helpful."
Harry Albert, Jr., Fayetteville, NC

"I have bought and sold a number of your Best Buys and made money on all of them. Thanks!"
Murray Anderson, Beaumont, TX

"I have been very happy with your work. I would never have known about many of the companies that you recommend. To get Upside is worth every penny I spend. Keep up the good work."
Elizabeth Jenkins, Reno, NV

"Thank you for your newsletter — probably the best investment listing that I've seen in 45+ years of investing."
Henry Leis, Narberth, PA

"I like Upside very much. It is the best financial newsletter I have ever subscribed to."
Robert Linnell, Lebanon, NH

"This is the best advisory service available. Especially with your weekly Upside follow-up."
Ed, Cleveland, OH

"I enjoy your newsletter and find that it has made money for me. I follow the buy and sell updates religiously."
John Demars, Boxford, MA

"I use Upside to make money."
Peter Semper, Avon Park, FL

"The best and easiest investment advice I have ever received."
John Seidenburg, CPA, Abescon, NJ

"I currently get 3 stock newsletters — I like Upside the best because the stocks are affordable and the Quadrix system helps me choose those best for me."
Bascom Ratliff, Overland Park, KS

"I like the sell recommendations; it has helped me break the bad habit of riding a stock up or to hang on too long and then ride it back down. Few newsletters help a subscriber decide what and when to sell."
Steve Shew, Oshkosh, WI

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