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Hello, I'm Richard Moroney, Editor of Upside and creator of the Quadrix Stock Rating System. In February 1999, I began using Quadrix to serve as a first screen to identify stocks with winning potential. This system has proven to work significantly well with smaller stocks, click here to view our performance.

Upside “discovers the undiscovered” and follows its own discipline for managing its model portfolios of small and midcap stocks.  Two key rules are followed without exception:

  • First and foremost, we buy only the best of the best stocks in terms of upside potential over the next 12 months, limiting our recommendations to Quadrix standouts.

  • Second, we limit our Best Buy List and Buy List to our favorite year-ahead picks.  For us, stock-picking is a love-it or leave-it affair.  Because Quadrix constantly evaluates the stocks we recommend, we have a consistent, disciplined mechanism for spotting when a stock’s fundamentals are deteriorating and it’s time to sell. 


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More on Quadrix® - The Science Behind Winning Stock Selection

Quadrix is a computerized system based on a matrix of seven characteristics that virtually all winning stocks have in common: Momentum, Value, Quality, Financial Strength, Earnings Estimates and Performance.

The ranks for major categories are calculated based on percentile ranks of more than 90 individual variables. The chart below shows the return of five hypothetical portfolios created by dividing the Quadrix universe into five equal-sized groups based on overall Quadrix scores, with Group1 the top scorers and Group 5 the bottom scorers.

Quadrix Scores!

Quadrix has done a good job of separating likely winners from losers. Since year-end 1999, the top 20% of Quadrix scorers have outperformed the bottom 20% by an average of 9.1% per quarter.

Research - The Art Behind Winning Stock Selection

Picking winning stocks is both an art and a science. The Quadrix system's computerized screening is the "science" part of the process. Once I've uncovered a handful of stocks, I rely on our team of analysts to supply the "art".

They look behind the numbers to find answers to tough questions like these:

  • What is the company's competitive position within its industry? Is it losing or gaining market share?
  • Is its entire industry growing? How fast?
  • Does the company have a unique market niche and, more importantly, is that niche defensible?
  • Are there new products or services in the pipeline that will add to company profits?
  • How good is the company's management? How are they compensated?
  • Are there special factors that need to be accounted for to accurately measure the stock's value?

Combining Quadrix's computerized screening with the insights of experienced analysts has allowed us to find some truly extraordinary stocks.

A Good Deal on Great Advice - Guaranteed!

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Join me and my team of analysts in the discovery of small and midcap stocks poised to be tomorrow's Blue Chip leaders.

Richard Moroney, CFA
Editor, Upside

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